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    Therapy for Individuals in Polyamorous and Non-monogamous Relationships

    Do you have difficulty sharing your thoughts and feelings about your non-monogamous relationship with your partner(s) because you worry about the impact it will have on them?  

    Are you experiencing feelings of jealousy or inadequacy due to a lack of time or connection with your partner?

    Do you sometimes feel left out of the decision making process in your relationship?

    In general, romantic relationships can be challenging. When you add additional partners or a loose commitment to the relationship without a proper framework, it can be even tougher to navigate all the emotions involved. Non-traditional relationship styles are not for everyone. But for those who are committed to doing the mental and emotional work, these relationships can be long lasting and fulfilling.

    Some areas of focus for therapy:

    • Setting and navigating boundaries
    • Addressing feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, or neglect
    • Open communication of wants and desires
    • Time management with partners