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    Spiritually Based Counseling

    Have you noticed your perception of life is changing? 

    Do you feel a connection to something greater than yourself and you want to explore what that means to you? 

    Are you looking to discover and connect with your authentic self while learning to proudly walk on your own path of truth? 

    If so, you are definitely not alone. More and more people are looking for spiritually-based counseling that offers the opportunity to heal the mind and body, and to reconnect with the soul. They want to be able to not only discuss the issues they are having in their day to day life but to also openly discuss their personal beliefs.

    When you awaken spiritually, you embark on a journey to deepen the relationship with yourself and the Divine within you. You may have the desire to let go of old thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve you and who you are striving to be.  You can move beyond living on autopilot to becoming intentional and purposeful with how you interact with and experience life.  Daring to live authentically supports you in reducing fear, anxiety, and self-doubt as you align with your value and the truth of who you are.

    You don’t have to understand or know how it all works. Take a moment to be open and give yourself permission to explore and embrace the inner peace you are searching for.

    Some focus areas for spiritually based counseling:

    • Identifying and aligning with your spiritual beliefs
    • Connecting to joy and fulfillment in life
    • Exploring idea of self and personal truths through self-inquiry
    • Learning to release harsh judgement of self and others
    • Navigating self-compassion and self-forgiveness 
    • Reclaiming inner peace and a sense of belonging
    • Understanding and honoring your emotions 
    • Learning to listen to and trust your inner guidance system